Your Import And Digital Marketing Mentorship

The secret stronghold of poverty on the African continent has been the perpetuation of a grammar education.This has enslaved over 98% of the African population into the shackles of public and private jobs.As a result, many people have settled for what they can afford instead of what they want.

The vision of Midma is to break the limitations imposed by this system by equipping the people of Africa and the rest of the world with the skill sets required for developing and sustaining businesses in the current digital world.

We seek to achieve this by incorporating proven practical knowledge in our modules to bridge the knowledge gap following the current digital world, to give millions financial and time freedom.

Meet Our Team

Albright McHeals Snr. a former Health Care Practitioner  started his own respective online businesses with little money from scratch, and he went on to build multi online businesses before joining forces. He credit his success to great mentors who guided him to where he is today. Because he understand how tough things can get on your own with big dreams, he is  passionate about helping others find the same success and mentorship they feel blessed with.

Albright McHeals Snr.


A fierce advocate of self-empowerment, Albright started Digital Experts Academy to champion those approaching major turning points in their lives. With 15 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur and a farmer at his roots, Jay considers his own life one of cultivation and perpetual growth. Jay resides in Toronto and continues to build his other ventures including WAKEUP. He’s first to acknowledge that he hasn’t “arrived,” but is doing what we’re all doing: figuring it out as we go.

Andrews Makafui

Business Consultant

Andrews Makafui is a passionate Business Development Consultant with a strong background in Actuarial Science and Contract Law from the University for Development Studies and Harvard University respectively.He is an authority in Entrepreneurship and Start Up Management due to his experience in successfully starting two businesses from the scratch.His ability to cut across the business divide to engage with business owners and stakeholders over the years has equipped him with enormous knowledge and experience in business development and sustainability.He is a proud consultant for MIDMA and he’s passionate about the future and prospects it holds for both young and old desiring to make impact in our world today.

Madakena B. Richmond

IT Specialist

Richmond is a creative and goal-oriented IT consultant with over 6 years of experience in providing strategic guidance regarding IT technology and infrastructural enhancements to clients and organizations.Richmond is dedicated to developing and optimizing interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich websites.As a Web Developer, he always blends creativity and technical acumen to bring to life websites that promote businesses and help them reach a large digital audience.He is extremely passionate about the field with a keen eye for detail, and skills in working with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Type Script, Laravel, and WordPress amongst other abilities.He has developed a wide range of websites using HTML5/CSS3, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, including sites for startup companies, small businesses, and individuals. He enjoys developing, coding, and maintaining clean, professional, and easy to navigate websites.He is one of the originating members of the team and the head of programming at MIDMA. He is responsible for most of the innovations that you see at Midma.